Strategy and re-brand project sees cruise company win industry award

Strategy and re-brand project sees cruise company win industry award


To evaluate the brand and improve brochure appeal, develop the key messages and create awareness of a new brand name in the sector.



The key messages needed to be created by people who lived and breathed the product, and who felt part of the brand review-and become natural Ambassadors. This was followed by a method of educating the travel agency on the product offering, plus teaching them to spell and pronounce a difficult, foreign brand name.



An internal brand workshop involved all key members of the business, at all levels, over a two-day period. By asking them to identify what elements were important to the brand, they collectively created emotive phrases which were then transformed into key messages-and these finally incorporated into the brochure. New creative design and engaging images were introduced culminating into an official launch.

Throughout this process, the parent company changed the name of the business, which brought a new set of challenges. Pinpoint helped select a suitable venue for a press conference to explain the rationale for change, wrote the speeches for the senior team, ensured visibility of the new brand supported by promotional material.

A team was engaged to visit agents around the country with promotional merchandise, supporting the new brand-which was monitored and reported in the trade press.

Later that year, the business was recognised by the trade, for a major award at Travel Weekly Globe Awards.

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